Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Violet dress

Summer is not quite well this year, raining and cold front all around.
Even if weather is not polite with us, this year, could it be brighter with clothes then.
I made this violet dress for special days like we had today. Pretty warm and sunny, like I wished.
This dress basically inspired from Empire period of 19th century . And it has an Empire silhouette style: high waisted line right under the breast line. Decorated low shoulders length.
And that color has extremely positive expression in there. Looks like violet flowers color. 
And I'm in love with that babylanafashion dress.


Illustration by © Margo Heald

- your babylanafashion

Friday, August 7, 2015

Deep in the forest

Sunday. This morning was special maybe because of fresh air that covered our City after rain. 
So, Natasha and me we went for an outside shoot. I made a ballerina skirt special for that event. Natasha picked up a rest of the style. Sweetshirt and Reebok running shoes was a great choice and fitted absolutely perfect with my babylanafashion cloudy skirt. 
We've made a choice on Ufa Biathlon Road. Because all that curve roads and sporty opportunities around were perfect for our My friend's look. Sport&chic 🎀  
Enjoy it!

- Your Babylana fashion.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Design market

I had to mention it earlier, but it's better to do it right now, than never. 
July 18. Design market sale. 
I think that special organization first time I can see in my City. Which is pretty nice to know. City is growing in fashion way more and more. Maybe someday we will get up and think: are we still in Ufa? hmm hard to believe yet, yes. But this event is already terrific.
I was introducing my half-collection of skirts, dresses, and one summer coat. Plus accessories.
I sell 2 skirts and 1 ban-do and had 2 orders, what is still making.
Met so many new and interesting people, that working in the same way. Somebody just started. Others already has a show room.
I know one thing. Design Market will be next September. Which is great!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have a week off from work, because of my eye surgery, so lots of time to spend my skills on something! And it even doesn't hurt to my eye. Subjects and colors so perfect and clear! Everything just like a "new" for my own new natural vision :) 
Today I made a sketch using my favourite fashionary book. And inspired of Dolce&Gabbana 2014-2015 runway fashion shows. 
Enjoy it!

- Your BABYLANA fashion

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


More post for today! I'm just "paying off" for those long days that I haven't been here ;) This pretty bird is embroidery I have been making for a couple of weeks. Very hard but productive work. Now I can wear that white top anytime and everywhere. 

your - BABYLANA fashion

Black skirt

Last Sunday I made a perfect fitted classic black skirt. Its short and has a high waist as I like. Patterns are easy to make. Those were make on mannequin. No Burda magazine as usual I have as my first helper. Had to drop a peace of fabric twice: on front and back. And then belt. The hardest step was to stitch a hidden zipper on a back of skirt. I need more practice of that "special" and my favourite stage :) Will do skirts for my people then! 
For more of inspiration, go here, to me favourite pinterest!

your - BABYLANA fashion

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


  Back to my blog! Been on the amazing and sweetest European vacations ever! Met my Love <3 finally. We had been apart from each other since Christmas time... Spent a whole month with him and his family. But fairy tales sometimes coming to be over ( for temporally!! - I have an exception in that story). So we had to go back home - He is in US, I am - in Russia. Story is not end :)
So, before vacations I made that neon clutch. It has polyethylene and tight fabric. Zipper on a button. Description in pictures will build for you a whole overview: every steps of creation. Enjoy it with me please!

- Your BabyLana Fashion 

Monday, May 26, 2014

flower jacket

Hey hey! ❤️ 
As somebody of you knows me as a fashion illustrator, I can point myself on the other my favorite "obsession" - I love fashion design. I love garment modeling. Something starting to beat inside so loud when I'm looking on gorgeous outfits, especially if it was made of famous designer, with heart. 
During creative 6 years of studying I was learning fashion design, sketches, professional human anatomy, history of art and fashion, imagination trainings, garment modeling, technological process of sewing. 
Here I have a bit to show some of my stuff. It's a summer light jacket covered with flowers) easy to wear with something very stretch, as a dress or skinny pants. 

- use the needles - the best "friend" in sewing!

- my favourite - Fashionary book

- flowers, flowers......using chiffon for them

- mirror! here you are ;)
- final outfit is done

- Your Babylana fashion 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


A couple of while ago I made a cute surprise for my love. It made a half Earth of his way to get the right destination. In about 2 weeks he got it! And was really happy about it❤️.
The gift contains a several "secret pockets" that has something special from myself. It may be a wish words, my fashion illustrations, our Christmas photos, my red lips "stamp", a few colors from nailpolish that I use sometimes, and a note of my parfume💚.
As a cute gift i added a little fluffy tiger, so  it could remind him a "peace of me" 😉.

- Your Babylanafashion ❤️

Friday, April 25, 2014

the magazine "Sobaka"

* Happy Friday! This week I've been "hanging" 16-17 hours in a day arround the editorial house. We published the magazine "Sobaka" just today. I feel exhausted but so glad, that I have a different magazine in my creative "stock". 
One year and one month i'm full in magazine's world. That's cool, to swim in this routine, i know! ......but the voice inside requires return BACK myself - to my fashion designs, that i was learning along 6 years...and thinking, and dreaming a LOT. 
I found a sewing classes. Will start from 12th of May somewhere. I'll be learning basic stuff. Shirt, skirt, trousers and jackets - the main outfits i just need to learn by heart how to sew it in a real quick time, including all the technological meanings and creativities. :) I love that idea!

- your BabyLana Fashion

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Visual Project

Had some work to do for my customer. He needed a "visualization" of the futer billboard. How would it look like on a real street. So, the task was: made a hand-sketch of the real street (they provided me some pictures) + peace of photoshop magic + and fresh brain. The last one gave me a coffee. ;) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Designer dreams

❤️ This morning started from couple of romantic (pleasure) thouths + mixed with nervous (daily work habitat). Couldn't find place for myself. Still thinking that did something wrong with the whole decisions that I got those last days.... Maybe it just my head....
Oh well, let's turn to my dream! There is no way for me - I will be a fashion creator. I will make my own designer shop once day. I just need a little peace of free time and energetic...and, Of Course - INSPIRATION.... 
There are some....from #instagrammers
-love love