Thursday, August 6, 2015

Design market

I had to mention it earlier, but it's better to do it right now, than never. 
July 18. Design market sale. 
I think that special organization first time I can see in my City. Which is pretty nice to know. City is growing in fashion way more and more. Maybe someday we will get up and think: are we still in Ufa? hmm hard to believe yet, yes. But this event is already terrific.
I was introducing my half-collection of skirts, dresses, and one summer coat. Plus accessories.
I sell 2 skirts and 1 ban-do and had 2 orders, what is still making.
Met so many new and interesting people, that working in the same way. Somebody just started. Others already has a show room.
I know one thing. Design Market will be next September. Which is great!

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