Friday, April 25, 2014

the magazine "Sobaka"

* Happy Friday! This week I've been "hanging" 16-17 hours in a day arround the editorial house. We published the magazine "Sobaka" just today. I feel exhausted but so glad, that I have a different magazine in my creative "stock". 
One year and one month i'm full in magazine's world. That's cool, to swim in this routine, i know! ......but the voice inside requires return BACK myself - to my fashion designs, that i was learning along 6 years...and thinking, and dreaming a LOT. 
I found a sewing classes. Will start from 12th of May somewhere. I'll be learning basic stuff. Shirt, skirt, trousers and jackets - the main outfits i just need to learn by heart how to sew it in a real quick time, including all the technological meanings and creativities. :) I love that idea!

- your BabyLana Fashion

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