Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Designer dreams

❤️ This morning started from couple of romantic (pleasure) thouths + mixed with nervous (daily work habitat). Couldn't find place for myself. Still thinking that did something wrong with the whole decisions that I got those last days.... Maybe it just my head....
Oh well, let's turn to my dream! There is no way for me - I will be a fashion creator. I will make my own designer shop once day. I just need a little peace of free time and energetic...and, Of Course - INSPIRATION.... 
There are some....from #instagrammers
-love love


  1. great pieces !! I love every dress <3 shoes in first pic are amazing <333
    tell me how about follow each other? let me know I always follow back :)
    have a great day pretty!

  2. Thank You! I'm following you! Nice blog by the way! ;))

  3. i really hope your dreams will come true :)
    You have a nice and cute taste of fashion !

    greetings from germany

    1. Thank You so much my dear! :)))
      you have a wonderful blog and i'm following you? no doubt!)