Monday, March 10, 2014

Fashion collection

Today's 10th of March! I had a crushing thought inside my head: my focus of this spring - to make something adorable and that will make every look to "blow" as a first white little flower or a tiny grass trying to squeeze through the heavy snow carpet.
Some baggage that I have, includes of fresh thoughts, that will help me create a nice fashion collection. I'll write some words, that could be highlighted:
- flowers 
- light chiffon
- pastel colors
- about 20% of bright splashing spots ( details in patterns)
- sequins 
- embroidery 
- conseptual silhouette 
- hard and light textures mixed each other
- 2-3 different fabrics 

I'm working on some sketchers in my lovely #fashionary note book. Eventually something delicious should be I think! Will work on it ;)
- your babylanafashion 

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