Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Violet dress

Summer is not quite well this year, raining and cold front all around.
Even if weather is not polite with us, this year, could it be brighter with clothes then.
I made this violet dress for special days like we had today. Pretty warm and sunny, like I wished.
This dress basically inspired from Empire period of 19th century . And it has an Empire silhouette style: high waisted line right under the breast line. Decorated low shoulders length.
And that color has extremely positive expression in there. Looks like violet flowers color. 
And I'm in love with that babylanafashion dress.


Illustration by © Margo Heald

- your babylanafashion


  1. привет)
    правда, очень приятно видеть таких ярких, как ты, личностей, которые живут в том же городе, что и ты. это мотивирует!
    ты красотка и очень творческая личность)
    Surprise Inside 7

    1. Ах! как приятно читать такие слова, спасибо! А у тебя очень многому можно поучиться, стильный и интересный блог <3 буду следить))

  2. You look beautiful! Love the nail color!

  3. I love your style, it's so pretty and girly! x