Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dress obsession

Today I'll introduce 2 outfits I made pretty long time ago. Dress for cocktail and for daily wear. 
The fact is: I have never been posted my designs on me. First time I tied, my Mom was an excellent photographer and catches all the yummy things I asked to )Thanks Mom♥

#1 cocktail dress: is simply created (I remember myself, when I've been designing it: for Graduation party, about a whole day before this, so I almost killed myself, because I had to be done with it in time, and I...did)
so this dress one of my favorite looks and style - high waist line, soft fabric skirt and a Bow behind - little cute necessary thing that just have to be ;) and covered sequins top. You even couldn't imagine, HOW light this outfit! 

#2 daily outfit:  lace top and green emerald skirt with a bow on side. This look made me love it by it's collar. I put some sparkle beads on)

 by the way, next post I'll show you my lace collar as an accessories. Nice thing collaborate it with everything  you wear.

#3 another dress, but this one will be touched in other post)

Hope you like it ;)
-Your BabyLana Fashion 

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