Thursday, January 16, 2014

Germany. Christmas vacation.

I landed on that beautiful and clear place that I will always love. Germany. 
Came here to spend a Cristmas Eve. Actually I had a month of relax, so I got it! The morning of 24th December was so exciting! I have never had so fairy feelings about what coming up today. So, I found a bunch of awesome stuff under the tree. 
Next weekend we've spent at Luxembourg. Pretty tiny "Kingdom". Castles, Rivers, Comfy Cafés, and wonderful roads....
Back to Germany. Now Stuttgart. I had more 2 weeks fell in love with that City. And that happend! Every day i got a train to downtown... Explored Lots of cute places! It's a huge City actually, hadn't noticed that before. 
So today is my last day in Germany. Wanted to say Thank You so much for that fairy tail that I got! Those memories basically founded at my mind. I'm sure, I'll be back! Kiss. 
- BabyLana

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