Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mary Katrantzou

  Today I'll call myself a little bit creative than ever! This fashion illustration looks different than the rest mine pics)
  Yesterday I randomly liked one cute facebook page. Read the wall, and saw illustration competition on it. Deadline is on 20th August! Then it made my day today. I painted this one using not only paints, this patterns brought me a super cool idea to make paper crafting) I used it like a background. Then sent it)
My eyes stopped on that masterpiece dress by Mary Katrantzou "Florals" Spring Summer Collection 2012 by Erik Madigan Heck Photo Gallery.
  Those crazy detailed prints on each outfit figure out from dozen designers patterns. Designer Mary Katrantzou is a Greek fashion designer who currently lives and works in London. She has a specific type of creation. She known for her realist aesthetic, bold graphics and industrial jewelleryI really stopped my mind on her works for a long moment. 

# 1 step - pencil drawing

 # 2 step - coloring 
 # 3 step - cutting the patterns
 # 4 step - Art assembling

Hope You'll LIKE it!!!

-Your BabyLanaFashion


  1. Gefällt mir sehr gut! Du hast echt Talent.

    Übrigens hast du gerade von mir einen Award verliehen bekommen, weil mir dein Blog so gut gefällt. :)

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  2. This is just gorgeous! x

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  3. Amazing and beautiful pictures