Thursday, July 26, 2012


  Watercolor has special light effect, that shows airiness and evaporation and tiny color switching. It also shows a perfect art space that human should feel looking on some artwork.
Paper is a main basic for watercolor. Water another one of the favorite friend for that type of paints.
Watercolor requires fast art processing. There are lots of art-pens for finishing artwork result. One of my favorite is a black art pen. I usually found this technique special for my watercolor work as a final point.
I bought some new candy watercolor blocks. Unwrapping looks so sweet. seemed like this was some eatable thing.CANDY.
Yummy watercolor unwrapping process

I found this fashion from buzznet right over here

Final look!
I'm planning to open shop at, so you'll find something you would like on showcase asap!


  1. Very nice blog! Love that incorporates art. Beautiful!

    I am nominating you for the Liebster Award in attempts to get new blogs noticed! You can check out my link to your blog and the directions on my site.


    marissa florence

  2. Wow, this look beautiful :)