Saturday, July 7, 2012


Kerli. and Her tea party song is on the top 
I made first lady on a left and cached myself on a disappointment thoughts.
the second one rise my confidence feelings:)

Have you tried hammock this summer?
  This week belongs to myself only and my family. Time going so calm over here. It looks like I returned to my childhood. This place is a perfect for brain restoration. especially after 6-year studying. My countryside. It used to be a Grandparent’s place years it just our summer-time-spending-house with a beautiful garden in there. And it’s becoming more comfy and fairy year by year. 

I even found my bicycle. so going to spend whole day with it :ъ

  P.S And I have a news! I’m continuing to do my favorite things - illustrating! I have some bad-quality pics what i made for last days..only. (don’t have scanning opportunity around) I’ll do next stay tune please, and don’t leave me!;)  

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