Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunny u

Bought an aquarel paper with some strange texture on it..the brush laying hard, but final look is not  bad:)

Weekend started finally, and the lovely sunny weather following it)) even hard to think about fall rainy days that coming soon..aagh but i'm sure ppl can change all that sad atmosphere by themselfs, just turn yourself on a positive way, smile, kindness, friends and  warm hugs of your close people are making life  happier.What else u need?


  1. Amazing pics!

    Xoxo, Serena

  2. You pictures are amazing !!! I am wondering if you draw for commission? It would so wonderful if you do:)
    Wish I had pursued art when I was younger :)

    1. Thank You!!follow my updates, the next one gonna be soon!♥